About Patty Holmes

Advanced E-RYT 500 & Registered Yoga School

I have been a student of yoga since 1974, and a teacher since 1998. Because I loved what yoga did for me, so I opened The Yoga Garden in 1998 with the intention to bring this joy to others. The study of Yoga is vast and as a teacher, I am first and foremost, a student.

My approach to yoga starts with the belief in the power of our connection to Source. We focus on our breath, and from there, we deepen our practice…awakening our connection to this energy. We use the poses to have fun exploring these magnificent bodies and Pranayama (yogic breath work), and meditation for brain health. We keep it real with a healthy dose of humor and self acceptance!

This is why yoga is so cool and why it is my life’s work. Yoga:

  • reminds me to be comfortable in my own skin and keeps me grounded.
  • shows me how to use stress as a catalyst for growth.
  • reinforces my healthy space and boundaries.
  • saved me at a low point in my life and helped restore my equanimity.
  • reminds me that I can find joy wherever I am, moment to moment.

For more about my story, check out my Timeline.

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