Past Events

Inversion Workshop for All Levels (Beginners-Teachers)

Progressively learn the building blocks of a safe inversion practice! There is so much we can do to prepare our bodies, minds and hearts. Understanding the principles of structural support prior to going topsy turvy is the key.

Friday Night Candlelight Yoga-Sounds of Relaxation & Release

Release, Relax & Enliven yourself with great music and restorative yoga. The restorative poses, slow movement and music are designed to unwind our bound-up bodies, open our harried hearts and relax our overly busy brains! This workshop is appropriate for anyone with a body.

Sunrise Yoga Camp

Salutations, Series, Rites!

Leslie Kaminoff All Day Immersion

Adapting breath & posture for your personal objectives.

Women’s Drumming Circle with Ubaka Hill

A workshop for women to “encourage, motivate, and stimulate joyfulness.” With Master Teacher, Performer, and Inspirational Leader Ubaka Hill.

Sound Healing & Tibetan Singing Bowls Workshop

Presented by Michelle Clifton, the Tibetan Singing Bowls create harmonic sounds that resonate with our own energy fields.

82 Prospect Street White Plains, NY 10606
(914) 325-7180