How Do You Do You?

How Do You Do You?

How do you do you?

Have you ever thought about how you do you?

The science is in!  Your thoughts absolutely affect your health, your bio chemistry, and even your DNA.

Somewhere around 2000 years ago, Patanjali, author of The Yoga Sutras (one of the most revered writings on yoga) already knew this – well before any science was around. He knew he was onto something that could help all humans.

Occasional cynical, hostile, stressful, fearful, angry thoughts are part of our human experience. It’s when these emotions become a habitual outlook or a permanent viewpoint that you set your self up for real negative consequences in your body.

And I speak from experience. I’ve shared a bit of my history with a painful autoimmune condition, which I am convinced manifested because of my fear of dealing with certain issues in my life.

The great news is I am so appreciative of this condition because it has taught me so much about ‘how I do me’. And that has led to a whole new life and yoga practice for me.

So…how do you do you?

Are you aware of the narratives and stories through which you view your world? Aware of your internal dialogue?

I’ve been asking these questions of myself and my students recently.  And just as an attentive phsycial practice can help you notice the intricacies of your body, the practice of self inquiry and discovery can help you to better understand your true nature and to live the life you truly want.

Sound interesting? I’m here to be your guide, it would be an honor to have you join me. Can’t make it to class? You may enjoy this 12 minute guided meditation by Sarah Blondin- Warring Self vs. Infinite Self.


Much love, Patty

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