Pandemics, Politics and Personal Realities in my 22nd Year of Teaching Yoga

Pandemics, Politics and Personal Realities in my 22nd Year of Teaching Yoga

Feeling a wee bit stressed these days? Not surprising. Two minutes of news watching is enough to trigger most of us. What’s a person to do?  If you have a strategy in place for balancing the demands in your life and it’s working well, congratulations. And no need to read further. You are in an elite group.

Help is here for the rest of us who appreciate a bit of guidance in the areas of self care, time management and stress reduction.  It’s called Yoga, BUT, how you define Yoga is critical. Many assume it’s the poses. Some think it’s meditation, some think it’s playing with goats!

A whole new definition of yoga revealed itself to me, thanks to a painful autoimmune condition that made me question everything I called yoga. Once, perfecting poses was what excited me, but now what excites me is exploring the neuroscience of how thoughts, breath and movement work together to create our day to day experience of ”reality”

Our personalities have a tremendous effect on our personal realities. And when you learn how to modulate and regulate your inner world [thoughts], you open the key to managing your outer world.

So my reality led me through many renditions of yoga and I’ve arrived at this conclusion:

Once you are aware that the Breath is your immediate and profound Connection to Source, and you are able to become more conscious of  the unconscious thoughts that prevent this Connection, yoga becomes everything you do – if you remain conscious.

In spite of the big challenges in our culture at this time, know that we are blessed. The language of Science is now able to confirm what ancient yogis have known for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Where you place your attention is where your energy goes. And as TKV Desikachar said “Let your yoga practice be more clever than your habits.” In other words make your yoga practice – ie. your daily life – a time to become more conscious of unconscious behaviors and thoughts. Then we get to create the change we desire.

The yoga we practice here at The Yoga Garden is about finding joy and creating balance in as many ways that we can!

Let’s play with movement, with breath, with thoughts to open your Self to joy, to kindness, to compassion, to playfulness, to healing. Would love to share your yoga journey with you!

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