Stepping Into The Unknown

Stepping Into The Unknown

Is the Unknown the secret to a more balanced, happier life?  Introducing yourself to and getting comfortable in the Unknown is one of the best ways to bring harmony and coherence back into your life. More on this…

First, a quick update on my mother. Unbelievably, she’s still kickin’! Viola is out in Tucson with one of my sisters where we were sure, she was ready to transition to the greatest of Unknowns. However, she has decided it’s not yet her time, so looks like she’ll come back to White Plains for her 99th which is on October 28th.  Thanks to all of you who have asked.

What does the Unknown have to do with our challenges & our stress? To leading a more balanced, happier life? 

We all face adversity. No matter how together the outer appearance of anyone, every single human absolutely has their own ‘sack of rocks’, as my MIL used to say. 

It’s the ability to handle what life throws at us, that determines whether we spend more time in sheer exhaution & break down or in bouancy & vitality. It’s the attitude that life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.

This is such an exciting time as Science is now able to measure, and confirm the validity of the ancient practices of yoga – and clearly show us what happens to the brain when we combine movement & breath, when we learn to withdraw the senses, and how to focus & concentrate in a way that leads to brain coherency – which is another way to define the meditative state. 

Thinking happy thoughts is not the answer. Repeating 1000 times  ”I am happy” everyday, will not make you happy or reduce your stress. But there are tools and techniques that can be learned and practiced, that can awaken your connection to the Source, where potential and possibility lives.  

One such technique is Convergent and Divergent Focus, which is one way of entering the Unknown. And it is in the Unknown where opportunity lives. It is in the Unknown, where energy starts it’s journey to matter. Everything that is manifested begins as a thought. And when a thought becomes strong or is repeated over and over, the body receives the signals via a whole chain reaction of neuro chemicals and hormones into the body, which then becomes an emotion – energy in motion. 

 ‘Where we place our attention is where energy our goes’. Rehearsing our stressful thoughts over and over again and sending the emotions (chemical reactions) of stress into our bodies results in illness, unhappiness and fatigue. 

Or we can begin to make choices. You learn to enter the Unknown, calming the brain waves, and in that state you choose your focus, and then rehearse what you DO want to be creating.  We can choose where we place our attention and what kind of energy we want to be rehearsing. 

Your body, your mind and your spirit love to play!  Your body loves to move and your mind craves some peace & quiet. Like the sound of this kind of yoga practice?  Can’t wait to play with you!

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