Tools To Overcome Overload

Tools To Overcome Overload

What are your challenges these days? My list may sound familiar to you:

Overwhelm, overload, to do lists….you may be familiar with that uncomfortable pressure or the flutters that whoosh through the body whenever you think about your tasks. So, let’s talk about how hard it can be to shake off the angsty sensations that arise under those conditions. Or is it that hard?

Do you know that when the brain is able to break down a project into manageable, doable tasks, an energy shift can be immediate? It’s true, you can move from anxiousness to calm in a matter of seconds when given the proper perspective and guidance.  And I am the proof!

I recently hired a coach to help me organize and to hold me accountable to setting and achieving new goals.

All I can only say is, it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

What does yoga have to say about this? One of my favorite quotes from TKV Desikachar is “Let your yoga practice be more clever than your habits”.  And I have some pretty damn clever habits, so to recognize them and find the strength of will to act, can be a big challenge.

My coach reminded me of the things I place value on: like my love of learning, curiosity and perseverance. Then he created manageable strategies and showed me how quickly things can shift with the right perspective…it’s really kind of magical!

Yoga, coaching, whatever strategies work for you, are the ones to do! I’d love to talk more to you about this if you’re interested. Give me a call.

Lots of love, Patty

In keeping with our theme…here is a silly song called Put One Foot in Front of the Other

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