Go On…Get Drunk

Go On…Get Drunk

“Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on get drunk” -Rumi

So this is the time to recall the things we are grateful for, right ?

But what if you are in a really lousy, or very painful, or unhappy situation that appears to have no way out?

I’m pretty sure all of us have felt overwhelmed at some point, and we all can attest that daily challenges – big & small; worries & concerns – personal and global; and stress are a consistent part of life. So what to do?

I agree with Rumi: GO ON GET DRUNK 

Personal experience and a LOT of hard work is teaching me that he is right: GRATITUDE IS THE WINE OF THE SOUL. 

There have been times when my ability to feel grateful was pitiful. When my pillow and my bed were the 2 things I could appreciate. And these were the times when it really angered me when I was reminded to be grateful!

What changed?  A series of challenges presented themselves that caused so much pain that it forced me to reconsider my whole approach to life! I committed to a very specific meditation practice, I forced myself to ask for help, I learned how to find and appreciate the most mundane things in my life…like the tree outside my window, like getting into a warm shower, and having the sun shine on my face.

Feeling gratitude is like practicing any other skill – you have to develop your gratitude muscle! And don’t believe me, try it out and prove it yourself.

May I suggest, giving yourself the gift of a Joy Journal.  And every night or morning, write down 3 things that you are grateful for or that make you smile.

The more I take note of what I am grateful for, the more things appear to be grateful for!

So, I am incredibly grateful for you, the amazing people who are on this yoga journey with me and for living in the most incredible time ever! All the structures that humans have relied on in the past, are being blown apart! We cannot depend on government, on churches, on the medical profession, on news organizations to keep us in a state of balance or growth.

Life itself, is demanding that we turn inwards, that we find our inner grace and strength and beauty by connecting inwards to Source. Our happiness can no longer be defined by outer forces.

Take up the call!


I wish you and your loved ones the happiest of Thanksgivings!

Much love, Patty

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