“Juggling Effort & Release”

“Juggling Effort & Release”

Do you love/hate December, this month of holi-daze, endings, beginnings? The lights, the music, family gatherings, and the solstice are all things that I love; the commercialism, the pressure, the overdone mall music…yuck!

Along with this season, do you notice yourself facing emotionally heightened challenges at this time?  Family, relationships, self growth, how do you balance all the pressures of this time we live in?

For me, a yoga practice is only as good as how it affects our day to day life, and our most intimate of relationships. If you have a beautiful practice in the studio and then get home and (frequently) lose it with loved ones, maybe it’s time to reconsider how you practice your yoga.

How much effort? How much release? These are the questions an intelligient yoga practice asks of you.

Does your practice reinforce your habits (neuroses) or does it shed light on them? Or as the teacher TKV Desikachar said,  can you “let your yoga practice be a bit more clever than your habits?”

Whatever you’re celebrating this season, I wish you and yours all the very best that life has to offer.

And every once in a while, remind yourself that you are a walking miracle! May this season remind us of our connection to the miraculous life force in us all.

Love, Patty

PS Do you find your inner chatter interfering with your enjoyment of the season? Listen to Leslie Kaminoff discuss juggling effort and release in this interesting 4 minute clip. https://yogaanatomy.net/juggling/

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