Oy vey…I hurt!! Should I come to yoga?

Oy vey…I hurt!! Should I come to yoga?

So I came to my yoga mat not feeling so great… my left knee and right wrist hurt, there’s a crick behind my right shoulder blade that’s talking to me big time (all thanks to some heavy duty garden weeding..lol). And instead of pushing through, I listened, and began to move in a way that allowed my body to find it’s comfort zone. Our bodies are miraculous, always looking for homeostasis (the tendency for a system to maintain internal equilibrium) and when we give our bodies a chance and some encouragement, they respond beautifully!

So yes, come to yoga, but come with the intention to be sensitive and alert to what your body needs to bring out the best in you!

And a good reminder: “How you do anything is how you do everything” (work, work, work, push through, get it done, or hey, slow down and smell the roses?)

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