On Truth & Illness

On Truth & Illness

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”
-Albert Einstein

I was working with one of my wonderful clients this morning who had ‘bitten off’ way more than he could handle and as a result was entering panic mode. Sound familiar?

How many times have you said yes to something, that in retrospect, was a big mistake?

Usually that ‘yes’ is given out of our kindness, but kindness to whom? When we cannot speak our truth or act honestly because of fear of judgement, it has the potential to do harm. Upon closer examination, you may realize that ‘yes’ came more from not wanting to disappoint or hurt someone or the need to prove yourself worthy in the eyes of others.

Outer conflicts do an ‘about face’ and become our internal conflicts which can morph into physical manifestations. When we refuse to acknowledge our most carefully hidden voices, I believe it has the power to set us up for illness.

Auto-immune disease, allergies, addictions, and obesity are all on the rise. Could our inability to speak our truths, to honor all the messy, crazy parts of ourselves, be contributing to all this illness? In my own life, I am grateful for my experience with an auto-immune disease because it led me down this path of inquiry.

I am also grateful to the yoga teachings of Desikachar which focus on honesty and the willingness to feel what we actually feel. The ability to acknowledge and embrace everything that comes with being human in this wild world is what our yoga practice is about.

The Yoga Garden welcomes all of your wonderfully messy, crazy parts. Let’s have some fun with this!

Love, Patty

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