Pro-Aging vs Anti-Aging

Pro-Aging vs Anti-Aging

Came across this idea of PRO-aging some time ago, and I am intrigued by it.

  • Why are we so ANTI-aging? What does that even mean?
  • What are we (particularly women and perhaps men to lesser degree,) so freaking afraid of?
  • What if our increasing number of years on this planet was truly viewed as something to be celebrated?
  • What if our lines, our wrinkles, our ‘crepey’ skin were viewed as awards handed to us for our life’s efforts?
  • A woman’s worth, her value, her self esteem appear to be inextricably linked to her appearance…

BUT I’ve noticed something really cool lately: The more made up, the more put together, the more effort that has been put into looking younger (think puffed lips, perfect hair, that slightly too-taut skin) the LESS attractive that seems to me!

Obviously this is a personal opinion and by all means I believe everyone should do what make them feel their best…but for me…I’m liking the BEAUTY that comes from a genuine smile, a hearty laugh and the glow of a life well fought for!

Any thoughts, reactions, suggestions to share?

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